Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I can't even remember when all of this started, but Maile became obsessed with playing pretend. She is always the princess or whoever the main character is, Emmy is always the side kick, Aaron is always whoever the boy is, and I am always the bad guy, except when I'm Mary Poppins. Usually the story line changes every day or every couple of days, but for the past 2 months it has consistently been a new Dora adventure. Maile assigns us all our roles reminding us constantly throughout the day. Maile is Dora, Emmy is Boots, Aaron is Diego and of course I am Swiper. No matter what the new pretend play is for the day, I am always the bad guy. Aaron was given the bad guy role once and never again, because he was too scary. Seriously Maile didn't dare do a thing when he was the bad guy. When we go to playgrounds with other people around I try to distract Maile from insisting on playing these games but sometimes she is very persistent and I end up chasing her and Emmy around trying to swipe whatever she has set for the moment, I wonder what the other moms or kids are thinking when I try to steal toys and jackets from the girls with them yelling "swiper no swiping!" or just screaming, but really I'm just playing my role as swiper. Or as people walk past our house and hear me yelling "off with your head" (queen of Hearts from Alice and wonderland).

Dora the explora
Every time Maile says she's Dora (which is all the time) that is Emmy's cue to say "and I'm Boots"

Our hike the other day turned into a Dora adventure notice Maile's got to have her Cinderella high heels on, I guess Maile is the high maintenance Dora because she wears them everywhere we go... swimming, shopping, parks, and yes even hiking.

This adventure consisted of crossing the troll bridge, passing the old house, and the picnic table as the final destination. This had to have been their favorite time doing this hike.


David or Jenny said...

that's awesome! lately jack has been asule (sp?) the blue train from some random dora episode that i've never seen.

i can't believe how old your girls look!

emilyy said...

It must be the age because Ethan does the same thing (sub princess for any scary animal)he always makes me be the moose, skunk, or buffalo

lojo said...

Gotta love pretend! Annabelle does the same thing. She is of course always the princess or barbie or whatever and Emmalee usually gets the bad guy role. She actually chooses to be the bad guy now. During Christmas she went around saying I am the Grinch all day! I love how you play along with them! what a great mom!

The Beards said...

how cute!!! i can't wait to see you guys. less than a week now. it sounds like kalahari might work out you are going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody and Brooke said...

So cute Jessie, i love your pictures. i nearly died laughing with the "off with your head" comment. Oh boy, it must be fun having the girls so close in age.

John and Erin said...

I love that story! I love picturing you playing pretend with your girls. How cute are your girls! They look so much older. Miss ya Jess

Laurel and Justin said...

That is so cute. I know how you feel with the pretend though. We race through the grocery store being whatever the boys have come up with and people just stare. Your girls are so adorable. I love the picture of the two of them and their walking sticks.

Anonymous said...

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