Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Boy!!!!





June 14th is the date
Aaron turned twenty-eight

breakfast in bed started his fun day
followed by a treasure hunt for presents with Maile leading the way

a special birthday dinner was so yummy
topped off with a slice of deliciousness for his tummy

We hope this day had just the right touch
because we love him so very much!

Happy Birthday Aaron!


kerrbc said...


Greg said...

Happy Birthday -- we're sure the family sing-along was the greatest final touch you could imagine.

The Beards said...

That cake looks yummy, did you make that????? What is it I want some?
Oh and Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!

our family said...

happy b-day Aaron!!!!

April said...

Happy Birthday Aaron... but more importantly I need to know what the filling of that cake is.