Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Livy

I'm always amazed at how fast the time flies when you have the baby. Those last couple weeks and days of pregnancy seem forever and then bam! you have the baby and now it's already been almost 3 weeks. crazy! So we did stick with Olivia Jill, I'm glad so many people like that name, I think it helped Aaron like it too. he he! She has been the best little baby, I know it has only been a couple of weeks so I shouldn't say it too early but I really think she's been the best baby of the 3. She just does what she's supposed to do- eat, sleep, and poop and doesn't fuss too much about any of it. She has been such a joy to have in our home.
So here are some of my attempts at photo shoots. I had such high expectations and as you can tell Olivia is adorable, but my photography skills aren't so great. I tried to be creative, sometimes I may have tried a little too hard.


In my head this backdrop was going to be brilliant, ummm not so much, but I love the look on her face right before she shot poo all over the place.


I always wonder what is going through their little heads when they smile in their sleep.


The big sisters!
Emmy is so cute around Olivia, she loves to get right up in her face, then she laughs and says either "baby likes me" or "baby not crying no more". She loves to hold her or lay right next to her and just study her every move. I think Olivia is still such a mystery to her.

Maile has been very helpful with getting wipes and diapers or putting the binki in when we 're in the car. She is really good with Olivia.


Jourdan said...

your girls are precious.

I've always wanted 3 girls...I don't know if I can chance it 2 more times though. Pregnancy sucks. Babies rule.

Allie said...

She totally looks just like your other girls did as babies! So cute. I can't believe you have three kids, J. That is awesome! I need to get crackin so I can catch up!

The Beards said...

Soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I love the one of her smiling while she is sleeping!!! She looks like a big girl!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a month!!!

thekerrclan said...

Too cute! She looks like she's got long, skinny little legs. I think you've got great photography skills. My "visions" never turn out quite as planned either.

our family said...

Livy is so cute and your pictures are too!!!You did a great job, I cant wait to stop being sick and take some pictures of her. See you in a few days!!!!

Spencer said...

Olivia has great toes. That's for sure.

emilyy said...

I love all the pictures... she is so adorable. I wish we lived closer so I could hold her.

Rachel said...

Great jobs with those pictures Jessie! Your girls are just adorable and I'm glad the older 2 are liking their new baby sister!

John and Erin said...

I love this pics Jess. What a cute baby. I especially love love love the one of her smiling while she's sleeping. Adorable!

lojo said...

So cute Jess! Hopefully she will continue to be a good baby!

Britney said...

Those are some adorable pictures of livy!!!!! That is just too funny about the umbrella picture.

Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

She's so cute Jessie. I love that picture of her smiling and asleep. so cute. So our address is 1599 Foothill Dr. #62 SLC, UT 84108. But seriously if it's for a thank you card don't even worry about it. You have enough to juggle right now.

So i was reading the birth story and I don't know if I missed something but did you do it natural? With pitocen? I just realized for the first time that Jen did that and I was dying. Natural with pitocen. It's hard enough without pitocen! I always said if they gave me pitocen, give me a freaking epidural! So your a bigger woman than me if that's the case. I'm curious though, always love to hear birth stories. You can email me if it's weird to respond on a blog comment. :)

Hanna said...