Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aaron's bball tournament

A couple years back church ball got a little too crazy down here, so our stake took all the church sports out completely. So sad, cause I loved YW ball and going to watch Aaron's games. In Utah one of his tournament games got so crazy everyone was off the benches in a big dog pile in the middle of the court, (both teams got kicked out of the tournament, but I have to admit I loved that I was there to witness it). Anyways he really misses playing basketball so he got a group of guys from work and church to come out and play once a week. Last weekend was a big law enforcement tournament up in Tucson so him and his bball buddies got a chance to show their skills. Aaron was so excited cause he loves this kind of stuff. It wasn't quite as much fun as he was hoping for a bunch of reasons, but he already is planning how they can win it all next year. So I know he still loved playing bball all day, although I think he realizes he's getting older and his body doesn't work like it used to, I mean he will be 30 in another month!!!
Not the greatest pictures I know, I took what I could with the 3 crazies.They did love the playground there, it had some new toys they were obsessed with.

Of course staying in a hotel is always the highlight, seriously these girls could be happy if we just jumped on the beds, had pillow fights, watched movies, played games, explore and trash everything in that hotel room the entire vacation. They love HOTELS!! What I love is how it feels so magical to leave the room such a mess and come back to find it all in order with clean towels and made beds, what I wouldn't give for that in my house.

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Spencer said...

Aaron should have asked me to play bball with him. You know I always win!