Sunday, May 15, 2011

With one game left in the season I finally got some pictures of Maile's second year of t-ball. I really wish they had soccer down here in the spring cause t-ball just isn't that exciting to watch, but she had fun playing so I guess that is what matters most. We did have some good laughs though, since she was one of the only one's who had played before she was a bit more into it than some. One game while she played pitcher (they get the ball almost every time) she got frustrated that the 1st baseman wasn't ever paying attention when she would throw it, so she started getting the ball and running it over to put it in 1st baseman's glove. Playing 3rd base or any other base far from the action she would run clear across the field to try to be the first one to the ball, sometimes she was a bit too competitive with her own teammates (definitely got that from the Kerr side). Playing catcher is always funny cause usually the coach puts all the gear on them and carries them to their position since they can't really walk with all the gear and then they basically stand there the entire time, but Maile insisted on really playing the part and putting the ball on the tee each time, so even though she could barely walk or see with that helmet, and it took her forever she would tell the coaches not to get the ball cause it was her job. Fortunately she gave up on sizing the ball up 10 times before she swung at it. Poor Emmy just barely missed the age cut off so she's excited to join in next year and especially excited to get her own treat at the end of each game.


The Beards said...

Look at that girl run, so cute, and so fun!! Can't wait to check out her skills in September, maybe I can get her started pitching :)

Spencer said...

Super cute! Sounds just like Camillie.