Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Emmy loved being a big girl going to preschool this year.
So, I think I've decided I'm finally ready for Maile to start kindergarten. These past couple weeks she is restless and ready for a big change in her life. She is so bored with everything we normally do. She even hid from me for like 15 minutes one day this week, totally sending me into a panic, all because she didn't want to go swimming. She seriously doesn't want to go on bike rides, to the park, pool or anything we normally do. So, it's getting draining trying to convince her and bribe her into doing these things anymore, so maybe it is me who is ready for her to be entertained at school all day since I can't seem to do it anymore. It is going to be a long summer if she is already done with swimming and it's not even June yet. Plus the pool is a bit of heaven to me these days, it is hard for me to go one day without it!
Maile was really excited that she got to welcome everyone to their graduation, she loves being in charge. Emmy was a bit shy for her part but eventually did it.
They both had so much fun with their fabulous teacher Mrs. Laurel.
Daddy with the graduates and "little teeny".

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thekerrclan said...

I can't believe how big Emmy looks. Wow. Growing fast. Hope you are hanging in there these last few weeks!