Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dinosaur Park

I've never even heard of this place, maybe its because my boundaries never went past Salt Lake until Julie and Derek moved to Layton, but out in Odgen there is a really fun Dinosaur park. Julie has taken her family there a couple of times and let us in on this fun place. Jenn brought her kids too. We had a great time! I actually felt so informed while I was there, I loved all the interesting dino facts, like.....they find a new type of dinosaur every 2 weeks, crazy hu? Its a really fun picture place, so we took a ton.

Kamaile loves being with her cousins.
They loved climbing all over these giant
creatures and playing in the sand. You wouldn't
believe how much sand was in her diaper.
This picture was supposed to be of me running from the dinosaur,
not a dino look alike picture....ooops

This one really scared Aaron, good thing I got it on camera at just the right moment.

I wish frogs really were this size and you could ride 'em.


David said...

FUN! Wish we could have gone. Jess - I know you were trying to look like that dinosaur...(run away, ha!)

Matt and Allison said...

That looks like a very fun outing. And I PROMISE Matt carved those pumpkins! Its honestly easier than you think, and it makes you feel great about yourself when you see the finished product. Starting in September, we seriously do it once a week, so you'll have to come do it with us. Its fun.

Traci said...

Man that picture is scary, so is the dinosaur behind you! HA HA!!! Man there are so many fun things to do in Utah. I can't wait until we are out there and you can show us around! ps Emma and I are going to be in Utah for my Uncles wedding next week, but we are driving with my parents and so we are at their will as far as where we go. I will call you while we are there and let you know the schedule. I would LOVE to see you guys!