Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy 3 years to us!

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! CRAZY! In some ways it feels like it should be longer, like I can't imagine what life was like before we got married, but in other ways 3 years seems so long. Being the romantic boy Aaron is he brought me home these beautiful roses along with some other fun surprises throughout the day. It was a great day! We went to Kneaders for the all you can eat french toast (delicious) then to Raging waters first with the girls then my sister Jodi was willing to watch them for a bit (thanks Jodi) while we went back with just the 2 of us for some romantic sliding. It was seriously a lot of fun, we definitely needed more alone time there, though. Aaron made me a really fun video to recap the last 3 years and it brought back so many great memories we've had. Brooke wrote a bunch of her memories with Cody on their anniversary and I loved reading them, so I'm going to copy her fun idea. Although, there may be more to these little stories than I have room to write and some of these may seem a bit cheesy, but I'm already starting to forget about a lot of the fun little things that have happened to us, so I figured I needed to record them somehow

Getting engaged in our first kiss spot (7th hole on Kahuku Golf course) and me pretending to love the $6 Claire's engagement ring Boogie boarding on the flooded fields

Surfing in town under the full moon

Love at first sight when Aaron came to help me with the badmitten nets, he became known as the mystery man

The night we fell in love at Kahana Bay and other fun scavenger hunts and things there

Our vacation days to Ko'olina

Maoni always peeing on our couch

My first impression after the love of first sight episode of Aaron mumbling under his breath, giving me dirty looks, and yelling at me while I reffed his intramural basketball game

Completely stuffing ourselves at Outback for Aarons birthday then the car broke down and we sprawled out on the grass until help arrive

Volleyball at Turtle Bay

Our first Valentines together.... ... I (heart) A , out of sugar cookies. Hannama Bay, Diamond Head, Cheescake Factory, gassed to sleep in Jenni and Davids car

Aarons bad first impression of me head banging and singing at the canal house

first hang out- trying to go hot tubbing at Turtle Bay but got kicked out

First visit to Aarons house found him singing to and watching Little Shop of Horrors afterwards having boxing matches - Jim getting knocked down hard by Alan and it being really awkward

Midnight run to Eggs n' things then tried to find a place to sleep in town before the Great Aloha Run in the morning. Aaron and I wanted to be alone, but kept getting kicked out of anywhere we went, well we finally found a nice little homeless man's place, but didn't realize it until the next morning. yikes!

Bike around the island with Dan the man Skousen. Camping at Kaena Point and Dans buddy having his car broken into and the thief trying to get away with his friends Mom's ashes

Trying to get the BMW up the Pupekea hill, I got stuck in the canal

Going to "our beach" all day and night
Kissing in the Banyan tress in town

Bombing the roaches then having them surround and invade us

Driving to town with the door open to let some air in, since there was no AC and the window didn't roll downKissing on the 7th hole at Kahuku golf course on our first date

When I first knew Aaron was in love with me when he couldn't keep his hands off me while ice skating

Getting lost with Jenni and David in the middle of a practice combat area at Schofield we were on the verge of running out of gas

Hiking stairway to Heaven at midnight with Nate and Erin, Nate and Aaron were so scared!!!

Hiking stairway with Jenni and David to see the sunrise the morning Aaron was set to go back to Ohio and he threw up 6 times right in a row (we never made it to the top). Aaron asking the guard at the bottom of the hike for a key to get back over the gate and then telling her we didn't have time to wait there while she got back up

Our unbelievably great Hawaiian wedding, thanks to my Mom

Our midnight runs to the Point

Laying in the hamick

Aaron sleeping on the uncomfortable hospital chair for 8 nights, cause he didn't want to leave me there alone

Aaron coming to the pool at 5 a.m. (he's not a morning person) to check up on me when I had my DVT. Also, when we first got married he would come running with me early in the morning to protect me cause it was still dark (didn't last too long)

Having really hard contractions in the middle of the night and waking Aaron up to tell him that and him sitting up saying "am I having contractions? no" then back to sleep

Sleeping out on the deck at the hotel in town, but ended up talking the entire night

Having our beautiful little girls - Kamaile and Emmy

First time Aaron got mad at me cause Erin Wardle wanted me to tell him what happened earlier that day, I refused. He thought it was something to do with him, so the only way to resolve the issue was to tell him I crapped my pants (its a long story, it really wasn't my fault). Thanks again, Ein

Leaving dances sopping wet with sweat

Playing the football game every Friday at Pounders

All of our "adventure Jessie Days

Playing with Kamaile and watching Aaron give her the smack down, tackle down, wiggity wiggity wack down

Getting married and sealed in the temple for time and all eternity

There are so many more great adventures and memories we've had in just the last couple of years, but I'll stop it here. I love you Aaron! I can't wait to make more memories with you.

Happy Anniversary!


Dave, Stacie, and Cooper said...

Oh Jessie! I LOVED reading all that! Since I missed out on you guys meeting, dating, getting married and everything. I absolutely loved being filled in on all your fun stories...especially you crapping your pants. Oh it looks like you guys have had such a fun time together...what a cute post. I think I'm coming up next week and I really want to play some ping pong...or tennis...or go roller blading...

Traci said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Ha ha! Moani peeing on your couch! Still can't stop laughing. Man you made me miss Hawaii. Little curious about what Smack down, wiggity wiggity wack down is! :)
WE miss you guys.

Matt and Allison said...

Jess, holy crap, 3 years. That really is crazy! Happy Anniversary! That was a way fun post to read. I swear, I don't have a good memory anymore and I stopped taking pictures about 4 years ago, so I think I would have a really hard time doing this kind of post. Maybe I'll start trying to remember now, so come April, I'll be set. Are you going to the game tomorrow? Bingham What What

Cody and Brooke said...

Ah, that was so sweet. I loved reading your memories. I love you guys! Happy Anniversary!
(PS Glad we passed down that black sheet for your couch to help with absorbency!)

Spencer said...

I had no idea my brother was so romantic. I also didn't know a lot of those stories, so it was very fun to read. I'm sure that you pooping in your pants has a very reasonable explanation. It is probably the same one that explains why Kamaile poops her pants :) I'm excited for this weekend to see my two cute nieces. I'm also excited about the marathon. I hope I can make the full 26 miles!

David said...

I forgot to comment the first time I read this. I loved it, but I already told you that. It made me miss a lot of places and times, but you probably figured that. And I am moving to Hawaii again...that's all.

Cody and Brooke said...

Cody will probably be back in water polo shape in no time- I always blame my difficulty in losing weight on that "extra layer of fat women have"- who really knows if that's true? Cody is definitely proud of that crack though :) And I bet you would have no problem with Kamaile on your back. Are you kidding? You're like the iron woman, seriously. We miss you guys too but I am sure it wont be too long before we see ya again!

John said...

Jessie, are ya there?

Erin said...

Loved reading all of that! I'm sorry that I caused you and aaron's first fight but hey you had to get over with sometime. And whats not a better thing to fight over then someone pooping their pants! Love the pics, you've got an adorable little family.

Cooper Squared said...

I cyber stalked you thanks to Jimmy! Your family is so beautiful and I am so happy that you have the life you always imagined...minus a child named Talmadge.
Hope you have not had any adventures pulling yourself behind a car on a sled lately! Honestly, I am so happy for you!