Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On a high and in a Fight

Okay so I've got a story for ya'll that I can still hardly believe actually happened. So, this past week was the Shade half yearly sale. I went last time in March when I was basically 9 months prego and had to carry around Kamaile cause its too crowded for strollers. Well, after that experience I thought I am never doing this again, it was pure chaos! I waited in line forever and I really didn't even know what I had grabbed, I was just grabbing things as fast I could cause everything was going so fast. But, when I finally got home with all my stuff I decided maybe it was worth it, so once again I decided to venture out to the half yearly sale. I figured this time I know what to expect and I will plan ahead not to have Kamaile, I also knew exactly what I wanted I still had to bring Emmy with me, but I was hands free cause I had her in a pack, so I felt totally prepared for the craziness. So Brooke and I got there 15 minutes early but there was still a line of lots of shirt hungry women. When we enter the building it was CRAZY! This is the only big sale thing I go to when everyone is so anxious and willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, in these situations all common courtesy and politness go out the window-it is survival of the rudest. So, anyways now that you may have a visual of the scene, let me get to the juicy part. I was getting shirts for 4 of my sisters in law as well as my sister, so I had a lot to grab. I grabbed all I could and then went off to the side to sort through my massive pile and make all the calls to see what they all wanted. While I'm talking on the phone and trying to console a screaming Emmy people keep coming up and looking through my stuff, so I have to tell them hey thats my stuff and they apologize and go elsewhere except for one girl. She was short with long black hair and a tatoo on her arm she ignored me, so I told her again those were my clothes, she still didn't acknowledge me, so I squated down to where she was and said "hey these are my clothes" she looks at me and says "I don't see your name on them". Ummm okay, I don't know what took over, I think it was just the stress of the whole shopping situation and a screaming baby but I snapped and kind of pushed her away and I don't really remember what I said something like no really these are mine anyways she got real mad and took a swing at me while calling me a "b___". I luckily ducked enough that she just barely got my shoulder. Without even thinking I tackled her and had her pinned to the ground, I only got one good swing in before Brooke was pulling me off her and a huge crowd was gathered around. As we walked away the girl came after me and started pulling my leg just like I'm pulling yours.

Ha ha ha! jokes!!! Okay no but really it was pure chaos everything is true except the whole fight thing, but I promise it could easily happen cause you just really don't care about being nice isn't the first thing on your mind. Despite the stress, once again I got home and tried everything on and it was well worth it! I feel like a new woman when I have new clothes.
Sorry that was a long story, but I've been on a high since I've been wearing those clothes and I also saw my new favorite movie, Hairspray with my mom and absolutely loved it! I was ready to get up and sing and dance. I was so giddy afterwards. Allie, if you haven't seen it I know you would love it, its for sure your kind of show

Another highlight of the week was last night, I finally beat Aaron in ping pong and it wasn't just a fluke one time thing cause I did again today. Yeah! Not to brag or anything, but I'm getting pretty dang good, so if any of you are up for the challenge I'll take ya on.

We had a little bbq in the park for Great Grandpa's 91st birthday

Happy Birthday Grandpa

The Provo Pool & Berries

We had such a fun day at the pool yesterday with Jenni, Chunky, Jack, and Grandma. This is by far my favorite pool. Kamaile loves going down the "big slide". We also had a great time picking all the fruit at Jenni and Davids, I cant get enough of those berries and neither can Kamaile.


Matt and Allison said...

I promise I saw Hairspray on opening day, and I am of course obsessed with it! Zac Efron is the teen heart throb for middle schoolers, but I promise I have looked him up on the internet at least 25 times in the last month.

Jenny said...

Jess... I was crying because I was laughing so hard at your story. You had me going at "tatoo". Thanks for fighting off everyone for those shirts - LOVE mine. See ya on Saturday.

Dave, Stacie, and Cooper said...

HAHAAHHAHHAHAHHAHA jessie...I promise my nose was pinned to the computer screen while reading your fight story...and I believed every word! you got me so excited. I could totally imagine you punching some girl...even with your new baby attached to you.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Okay Jessie, first of all..LOVED this post about the fight! You totally had me going all the way down to "pulling your leg". So crazy and creative!

And yes, we're doing great. We're in Oregon althought I could be somewhere else right now. But life is good!

You'll need to upload your videos either on You Tube or Google Video. After you've done that (it will take a while. try to be patient) click on "embed html" or whatever it says. Then it will change the video info to crazy computer talk. That's the code you need to hilight and copy. Then in your blogger account. Go to new post and change from the "compose" tab to the "edit html" tab. Copy and past your code in there and type whatever else you want to say about your video.

Anyway, hope that helps! I use google but i've heard it's pretty much the same at You Tube if that's what you want to use. Google lets you choose to have your videos left private so that's why I use them. Good luck!

I'm so happy that we're in touch now. You look great too! Sooooo fit after having 2 girls, bet you're still running, swimming, biking, roller blading, and lifting everyday you crazy hard core woman! Am I right or am I right?! :)

Love your blog!

Cody and Brooke said...

As I was reading your story I kept thinking, "What?! She didn't tell me about this!" but still thinking it was plausible considering the outrageous situation. But I soon realized you were kidding- just like when you told me you were having twin girls, cute Jessie. Anyway! I will call you tomorrow.. I have some big news for you ;)

Traci said...

Tricks ALL tricks! Someday Jessie I am going to read your blog about a real fight, I just know it!