Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Slimy Algae infested Pool

As much fun as our swimming pool has been this summer, I think we let the algae take over. The last 2 weeks Kamaile refuses to get in the pool. When we do get in its because I pull her in kicking and screaming, so I decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. When ya don't swim in it to mix it around for more than 2 days it starts getting slimy, so you can imagine after 2 weeks its pretty bad. The slime didn't stop the Germans though, they weren't afraid after being in Germany swimming in the murky beach waters of the Baltic Sea for the past month, our pool actually didn't seem too bad. Of course Kamaile loved getting in when they were there. Lately that girl makes me so embarrased because she just loves to be around everyone but me, even strangers! When I go to get her from nursery she clings to the nursery leaders for dear life, I basically have to pry her grip from them to get her to come with me. I feel like they are thinking man what does this lady do to her kids? I don't know many people in the ward but I don't think this weekly event will help my reputation. When we go the playgrounds, she won't let me help her climb up things or get off the slide it has to be strangers! I never did want a baby who was too clingy, but now I'm kind of jealous of those relationships.


Cody and Brooke said...

I cannot believe the kids are swimming in that slimy water! Ha! Maybe it just looks worse in the picture, too funny.

Margaret said...

Jessie... so I've been nosy and reading your blog - you can blame Brooke, she pointed me your way :) ha! ha! Your daughters are adorable! I cannot believe how much Kamaile's grown. She sounds a lot like Nia - wanting to be around everyone else but me. Sheez... I thought that would start when they reach 11, 12, or 13... but I was sure wrong. Good to see that all is well there!

Jay B. said...

put some ALGAECIDE!!!!!!! nasty

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